Runescape- Do you own a rare?

@volcom (161)
United States
February 12, 2007 4:38pm CST
Well i'm just wondering if any of you guys that play runescape own a rare item or not. Well i'll start this post off. When I started out in 2001 i played long enough to be there for the drop of the masks I ended up actually getting one! But, I sold it for not even 1/10 then what it is worth now. I also remember I had a santa back when they were 700k ea. Along that time period I started getting bored of runescape and I didnt really feel like playing it anymore at that time. So I got bored and gave the account away to my friend. Then one day a long time after that. I decided that I wanted to play runescape again. I try to recover my account and I actually got it back. So I went on it to see if I still had my santa hat on it because one of my other friends told me how much they were worth then. I went on my account and it was basicly drained nothing on ot at all. To bad I still dont have my santa and mask I would be rich. That's my story how about you guys do you have any?
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• Estonia
17 Feb 07
I have got one Santa hat. But I don't play this game anymore.