Do you think that the Girls Aloud girls are well suited together as individuals?

February 12, 2007 4:44pm CST
I just feel that the one with the red hair and the blonde one just don't fit in!!!! I have alwwyas thought that the red head was different, she isn't like Cheryl and the rest!!! Then sarah, the blonde, she is like not fit for the group and you can so tell because she changed her hair to be so different form the other girls (blonde and really short) and then she acts out by tring to get her own publicity through her partying and drinking and being in papers everyday and also now her posing semi naked in advertisments!!!! I just think the band wold be better just Nadine, Cheryl and Kimberly!!!! What do you think?
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12 Feb 07
I agree that as far as looks are concerned Nicola has never really looked like she belongs to the group. She's so pale and skinny and all their videos never seem to linger on her as much. But I think personality-wise she gets on very well with the others, especially Cheryl. Kimberley, Cheryl and Nadine all seem to be morphing into each other these days! I swear, I find it hard to tell them apart sometimes. Sarah is different in both looks and personality and I wonder whether she's on the same path as Robbie Williams before he left Take That, going wild and not really caring about the group anymore. But I can't really imagine her having a successful solo career. I think that Cheryl will be the first to go solo. I think she is probably the best known one and would have the most success, even though Nadine has the better voice.
12 Feb 07 i sence a Girls Aloud fan!!!!! I agree with what you say, sarah wil only be famous for drinking and the only reason she stands out isbecause she is blonde and has short hair. She will of course never be successful solo. I guess what she needs is a rich footballer to marry and the claim fame to that!!!! Thanks for repsonding!!!