sylvia brown

February 12, 2007 7:24pm CST
I would like to start this thread to find out how many people on MyLot believe in Sylvia. I can say without shame that i ADORE her. Dispite all of the bad press she got i still believe in her and always will.
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• United States
13 Feb 07
I am on the fence about it, I have a lot of books she wrote and I watch her on montel. I know there has been bad press and the only thing that troubled me was the allegation for 700.00 to the parents of shawn hornbeck for more info. Alas, I am on the fence and dont pass judgement, even tho its sometimes easy to-as a sensitive myself I know everyone with a gift isnt 100% correct, 100% of the time!
• Canada
13 Feb 07
Hello Heidi, thanks for replying. So you have the gift also? Cherish it, i know i do. Sylvia has always stated that she is never 100% right. I was on her site a yesterday, and she had a message there about what happend and she even said that she doesn't charge when it comes to homicides and missing persons. She says she always will work with the authorities. I hope i am quoting that right. lol Thanks again for your insight dear, much appreciated.
• United States
14 Feb 07
At first I didn't like her at all because she has an abrasive personality, but after a while of watching her on Montel, I started to like her. Then I saw her goof up on one episode and she tried to play it off. It made me wonder about her. At this time, I guess I'd have to say that I am undecided on whether she's for real or not.