what makes you feel at ease in an unfamiliar environment?

February 12, 2007 9:24pm CST
having good friends around,just good people.i am a really good judge of character.it doesnt take much because im such a friendly person.but if people snub and ignore me,if they dont talk to me and just stare or whatever,i feel uncomfortable.if they come up,make coversations,theyre friendly without being sleazy,then its fine.im pretty relaxed!!!
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• Philippines
13 Feb 07
It's the way people look me thats me uneasy. If people tend to stare,study,and scrutinize the way I dress or look it really makes me small in front of them. Well definitely a good,trusted,and funny friend will be very appreciated in an unfamiliar environment. Somehow this helps me forget the uneasiness that I may feel when I am in an unfamiliar,unknown,and crowded place.