What's your Valentine's Day gift for guys

February 13, 2007 12:22am CST
How do you tell her"I love you"this Vanletine's Day?With diamond,perfume or flowers? Let's face it.the shoppers need to turn on a television or flip open a magazine for inspiration.But when it comes to finding the perfect gift for men,the process needs a little more work,a little creativity. Here are five things that say"I love you" to that special guy you want to be your Valetine. Gadgets:gadgets,eletronic or otherwise,are the No.1 gift for men,such as a video game system,a flat-screen television. Lingerie:Often viewed as a gift for her,it really is a gift for him,because men seem to have very specific ideas about what they like on women. Functional:If a man is a sport fan,buy the tickets for the two of you to go to a game.Or if he enjoys cooking,buy him a gift for the kitchen. Gimmicks:The best gift is not always store-bought,in many cases,a simple gesture can say "I love you".Consider a romantic gesture such as a foot rub or body massage. Well,what's your favorite gift for the special one?
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