Should i really keep NO secrets from my spouse?

February 13, 2007 2:00am CST
Do you believe in a saying that what they don't know won't hurt them?In some cases this adage maybe true.But i still believe that secrets can certainly hurt us.Truthfulness,confession, and disclosure,no matter how painful they may be,hurt much less than the destruction brought about by dishonesty.I keep no secrets from my spouse even little ones.We live in total honesty.How about you?
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• Canada
16 Feb 07
i believe that for a relationship to work then you both need to be totally open and honest with each other. that means that their should be no secrets on either side. i tell my fiance everything, and i trust that he does the same with me
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
Thianks for your positive response.I truly agree with you.If you want your spouse to keep no secrets from you then keep no secrets from him at all.Its much better to have an open book relationship than keeping secrets around.
• Philippines
16 Feb 07
I keep secrets for there are some information that should be kept confidential. I live with the dictates of my conscience.
@Lady_Vincy (1540)
• United States
14 Feb 07
I don't believe that you should tell your spouce everything. They don't need to know all things that are going on in your life.