do you have a brave heart?

February 13, 2007 2:40am CST
What does it take to have a brave heart..? In my own opinion, being brave at hear is to be able to face all the challenges life can bring especially with regards to your personal life. Being there and able to solve the problem, one way or another. How about you? Do you have a brave heart..?
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• China
25 May 07
I think I do have a brave heart,although sometimes I will feel desprate and always want to give up what I'm doing ,but I can always pick up my courage and hope and go on my processing. I like Brave Heart ,both the actor and actress.Both of them were very brave ,both in their own love and for their country and freedom at the same time .I think ordinary people can hardly have the opportunity to do such a great job like the actor ,or even we have the oppitunity,maybe we wouldn't have the courage.but as an ordinary person,if we can stand all the pain our life brings us and have the courage to let them go away and stand up again after failure ,we can surely say that we ourselves have a brave heart.
• India
15 Apr 07
no i must accept
• United States
3 Mar 07
i agree that having a brave heart is facing the challenges in life ! such as the single parent that faces numerous responsibilities and hardships everyday, usually alone. though they walk a path not of their choosing (most of the time) they persevier and do the work of two parents !! i think these people have a very brave heart !