Potty Training.....Are they rebelling or they going potty in the right place?

United States
February 13, 2007 3:18am CST
Hi, To all parents out there. I am seeking guidence and advice. My three year old, no matter what I do to get him to the bathroom and potty. He won't he still using his pullup for his main source of disposal of relievement. What do I do? Guys, I spoke with multiple of doctors grand parents and other parents they say keep doing what I am doing taking him into the bathroom with me. Let him wallow in his own feacies if he doesn't want to tell us he needs the bathroom. Well I wouldn't mind but the smell after a while is becoming horrendous. Can't do that! He just turned three about three months ago. But still he should be atleast using his own little potty. I mean Right! Write me what do you think. Maybe someone on hear has a better idea then the doctors do. Sometime they go to school so much the motors are running but no one is behind the wheel you know what I mean. Signed, Osmrducks
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