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February 13, 2007 3:18am CST
I am an Asian. Is there any way to change my skin complexion as whites?
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• United States
13 Feb 07
Lightening skin is very possible. Whitening is not. Lightening involves returning your skin to its original, pre-sun-and-light-exposed state. Notice how all skin (on infants) starts off much lighter than it ends up? That's because most skin gets darker, or develops Hyperpigmentations (dark spots and blotches) with continued exposure to the sun and light. The processing of Lightening reverses this damage and returns your skin to its healthier, natural, much lighter shade. Whitening implies a stripping of the skin's crucial layers to attempt to actually "bleach" it. Besides being potentially harmful (causing irritations, sometimes severe burning…which can then lead to even further, more stubborn dark blotches), it is not sustainable. More often than not, your skin will repigment. Also, Whitening implies an attempt to change, for example, Asian Skin into Caucasian Skin. All our skin has unique properties determined by our biological ancestry-undertones and overtones, specific skin behaviour, skin reactions to sun and light-all this is predetermined biologically. While you can safely Lighten your skin, you cannot "whiten" it or turn it into skin that isn't yours. Finally, VMV staunchly believes that all skin, regardless of colour is beautiful…especially if it is blemish-free. VMV will help you return your skin to a healthier Lightness that is all your own…but has no products that promise whitening, which is both an impossibility and a pursuit that can result in harm to your skin is very possible. Whi
• Malaysia
13 Feb 07
thanks for responding.i appreciate that. .