Why the people choose friends(me) in mylot?

February 13, 2007 3:36am CST
I have lots of friends in mylot. I got good names from them. Many of the friends are frequently use the mylot. The message options present in the mylot is only for the friends. But i sent the message to my friends, somebody could reply to me. Somebody not care about my messages eventhough they are in online. They don't sent the reply just like this "I'm fine. Thanks for your mailing". Then why they choose me as friends. I don't know whether they didn't saw the message tabs present at top of the page or they not like to reply for the message? I was sent some message to many of my friends...But some of them from many had replied. So don't choose friends if u are not able to message because don't chaff/mock/dodge/tease others by this...
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