How do you say NO to a 18 months old boy

February 13, 2007 5:11am CST
Our son is growing and he is now in a phase where he does not seem to listen to me anymore, not sure if he was before but at least it was much easier to get him to stop doing something wrong. I used to simply divert his attention onto something else if I did not want to give him what he asked for (like cola or chocolate) but now he just gets very upset and cries, rolls himself on the floor, even sometimes smash his head on the floor... It is hard for me to watch him do this and I am not sure how to handle it, my husband says I should just leave him until he is done crying, but I really have a hard time watching him so upset. Sometimes my old trick works, I get him to think about something else, but when it does not then I am really lost. I do not want to give him what he wants because I am really afraid it will become a habit for him to have chocolate or cola or sweets whenever he wants to. But how do I get him to understand that it is a NO ? If you experience the same issue, or have had it, please let me know what you did and how it worked out!
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@anij34 (317)
• United States
13 Feb 07
Its easy, you say NO! Don't be afraid to pick up your child and put him in his crib/bed or even just in his room. My daughter was potty trained at 17 months and let me tell you if she wouldn't take no for an answer she was sent to her room. She didn't dare get out of bed either. Its about following through with what you say.
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@okipops (286)
• Indonesia
13 Feb 07
try reverse psychology, but im not sure it can be implemented on 18 months old boy.
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• Australia
14 Feb 07
Ok although i have no experianced this yet. But maybe say to him that you can not have coke or chocolate now, but if you are good for the rest of the day you can have 1 piece after dinner. And if he chucks a tantrum give him a light slap on the bum. Itll make him realise that he cannot always get what he wants.
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