Mary Kay????

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February 13, 2007 9:18am CST
Does anyone know where to purchase mary kay cosmetics and is it really as good as they say???
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7 May 07
mary kay is really amazing! I have always had smooth skin, but Mary Kay made my skin glow. I was first introduced to Mary Kay 3 years ago. I was immediately a fan of it. I loved how it made my skin so smooth and soft in an instant. I don't know how to sell, but I joined the sales team to get personal discounts. I have no talent in selling but I was able to sell 700 dollars worth of Mary Kay product with the one party that I threw. Eevrybody wanted to have skin like mine...
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4 Apr 07
you can come to my website
@resasour (378)
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20 Feb 07
Go to from the website you can find a local consultant. Contact your local consultant and set up a girl party (facials) this way you get to try the product and see how it feels on your face and skin and have your friends and family with you so it will be fun. The party takes an hour or two, and you will have a great time. Your consultant will help you to pick out the right shades and colors for your skin tone and can recommend products for any other skin conditions you may have. Mary kay products are of high quality and they are a little pricier than say Avon products are. However, I use them and I personally think they are great! In my opinion they are as good as the "fine department store" stuff and they last a long time. I love Mary Kay and am considering getting into the business myself. I think you will find that you wont be disappointed. Take Care!