Vitamin C - ESTER C ... why take?

February 13, 2007 10:57am CST
FYI Vitamin C plays a vital role in our body. It boosts our immune system....benefits are it helps fight cancer, reduces the cholesterol and etc...Vit C allows the smooth flow of blood through the arteries because it rinses off the cholesterol and other fats. Our body needs 2000mg of vitamin c for adults, double it if you are a smoket and 1500mg for children. Orange which is known to be rich in vit C provides only 70mg, can u imagine how many oranges you will need to eat to supply your body needs. Well i recommend you to take supplement but beware of Ascorbic Acid overdose of which causes kidney stones and hyperacidity...Try ESTER C is stomach friendly and made from fruit extracts. Take care of your health...Take Vitamin C!
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