Financial Intelligence

February 13, 2007 11:13am CST
I'm an advocate of financial intelligence. I believe we live in a financial world. Every aspect of our lives, every move we make, involves money. Even clean water and clean air cost money. Sure, money isn't everything. But we can't deny its power to influence our lives. If you take a survey of the different problems that people have in their lives, I'm sure more than 90% is somehow related to money. And to succeed in this financial world, we need financial intelligence. In a nutshell, financial intelligence means investing your money rather than spending it; accumulating assets while avoiding liabilities. The good news is that with enough discipline and determination, anyone can be a financial genius. Yes, you can be rich! Examples of assets you can invest in are stocks, bonds, real estate properties, mutual funds. Examples of liabilities to avoid are credit card debt and loans to buy a big house or a luxury car. Please feel free to share your feedback. What has been your experience with regards to financial management? How has investing improved your life? Do you feel less stress? Do you have the luxury of quitting your job anytime? On the other hand, how have poor money habits ruined your life? Do you feel like you're working so hard yet not getting ahead? Do you feel like you have to commit a crime just to get rich?
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