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@mnflower (1301)
United States
February 13, 2007 11:25am CST
Wow this past week I have really found out that there is alot of upkeep to owning a home...first off my 52 inch tv goes out hazzled with the warranty people for 3 days then this long cold no snow below zero weather we having in minnesota this year my septic tank decides to freeze.which seems to be an ongoing problem for alot of people in the cold frigid north land this year....well had to pay 155.00 to get that taken care of but now heading for another deep freeze this week and wondering how long before it freezes even worse now that it is empty...On top of all that I use propane and back up with woodstove, run out of wood had to go out in frigid below zero weather and split some wood...talk about butt freezing finger cramping job but it is alot cheaper than buying propane....Prices always changing and increasing without any warnings...Am thinking of looking into one of those corn burners to heat the house not sure all that is involved in them but seems like it might be a good inexpensive way for me too go seeing I have 9 acres I can plant if need be...does anyone have any information on those corn boilers that I see advertising if so please get back to me in private email on just in post with a site I can check into...thanks...this week has got to be better and I best get my big tv back by sat....NASCAR is back on......lol
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@all4ucnc (861)
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13 Feb 07
Always something...I hear that. As for the corn burners, we looked into that as well, The corn's actually more expensive than the pellets for a pellet stove. Turns out it was cheaper to keep burning wood, We're actually looking into getting a heat pump. The electricity cost, to run it isn't anymore than us having to buy a cord of wood or two (since we're able to only cut about half the wood we actually need)