Do you believe in Tithe?

February 13, 2007 2:57pm CST
No matter what denomination or religion you are in, I believe Tithe should be given in your local church. Many verses in the Bible supported this.It is the 10% of our income. Nowadays, I have observed that many Christians failed to do this. Why? If you are a Born-again Christian and you have a problem with this, Can you give the reasons why?
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@babykay (2133)
• Ireland
19 Feb 07
Well, I am from Ireland where 95% of people are Catholic. I am not a Catholic but a Christian. However, I have attended the Church on my road once or twice and I would never give anything in their collection, no way. Why? Because, church funds were used to pay victims of clerical abuse money to keep quiet or not bring charges. On the lower end of the scale of abuse of church funds these monies were used to pay maintenance for Bishop's children, that the Bishop didn't even admit that he had fathered. So no, I wouldn't give in a Catholic church, no. But my Protestant church which I have attended much more frequently, I have given freely.
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• Philippines
20 Feb 07
Nice decision friend! Stay in a Protestant church and you can see the big difference!Your offering will be used for the glory of God, for ministries of the church and for helping missionaries too. Gof Bless You, my dear!!!
• United States
13 Feb 07
I am not affiliated with any Christian religion, and yet I still believe it is necessary to give so much of your earnings back to the community.
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