Yahoo Answers drives...

@pravda1 (288)
United States
February 13, 2007 3:43pm CST
more visitors to my sites than myLot does? Sure, I know there are more users on Yahoo, But I was hoping that the average myLot user was a little more enlightened. Well, I will continue to do my part to help grow this community!
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24 Feb 07 dto hear that you are doin your part in helping this!! yeh even i have noticed that yahoo answers has more people in it...moreover you always get more answers as compared to mylot rite??! maybe its because there people dont care about 1 or 2 line answers...but here people dont really get paid fro such they rather not answer that question...!!n usually they only answer discussions posted by their not every1 gets a chance to read your question!! thax for the best response .....deeply appriciated!! cheers ^_^