He's getting married! Wish him luck.

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United Arab Emirates
February 13, 2007 5:00pm CST
"Honey," said this husband to his wife, "I invited a friend home for supper.""What? Are you crazy? The house is a mess, I haven't been shopping, all the dishes are dirty, and I don't feel like cooking a fancy meal!""I know all that.""Then why did you invite a friend for supper?""Because the poor fool's thinking about getting married."
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@nana1944 (1367)
• United States
15 Feb 07
n 18th-century vagabond in England, exhausted and famished, came to a roadside Inn with a sign reading: "George and the Dragon." He knocked. The Innkeeper's wife stuck her head out a window. "Could ye spare some victuals?" He asked. The woman glanced at his shabby, dirty clothes. "No!" she shouted. "Could I have a pint of ale?" "No!" she shouted. "Could I at least sleep in your stable?" "No!" she shouted again. The vagabond said, "Might I please...?" "What now?" the woman screeched, not allowing him to finish. "D'ye suppose," he asked, "that I might have a word with George?"
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@zipzipzop (419)
• China
16 Feb 07
wow, it's funny!Hahaha!
• United Arab Emirates
17 Feb 07
gee! thanks.
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