I am so happy today

United States
February 13, 2007 5:51pm CST
I have happy news today. 2 weeks ago our family dog disappeared we searched every where in the neighborhood we could for Toby .but we just could not find him. we have had Toby since he was a puppy he is a golden retriever, we have had him for almost 2 years. everyone in the family naturally fell in love with Toby. he is an outside dog .we have a very big yard for him to roam and play in, on 3 acres of property. and its not fenced in because we live out in the country away from homes and traffic. so Toby has been free to go and please as he wants. now my problem is that Toby is back . i have played with him today everyone has and he seems different. all most scared of us. i am wondering if this is natural after a dog has been away from its family for a few weeks. and what can we do to make Toby feel relaxed and at home again. have any of you ever been thru this with your pet?
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@gianena (256)
• Philippines
13 Feb 07
I did experience losing my dog then finding her again but Wendy didn't change. She was so happy to see us again. Just try to do what you did before with Toby but just be careful cause maybe your dog had a traumatic experience while he was lost. Just be patient with him... I know he will recognize you and your family again. It's a process. ;);)
• United States
14 Feb 07
yes thank you for your reply . Toby at first seemed so happy to see us licking our faces wagging his tail . wanting us to hug him close to us . and i was so happy to see him i cried . he was very hungry and wanted water. we found him about 15 miles from home at another persons home and my hubby went to see if he was our dog and he called tobys name he ran fast to him and jumped up for him to give him a hug. so he differently knows us. after he got back home he seemed really scared and shy with us. but he wanted to eat from his food bowl he went straight to his bowls for food and water. where just so happy to have him home again its amazing how they can become a part of our lives like family.