What is it like to be a Pagan?

United States
February 13, 2007 6:30pm CST
It is lonely. People don't understand that we are normal people with lives, loves, and desires. They always shun us and call us devil worshippers which is NOT the truth. We worship the God and the Goddess. They are much like the christain god, full of love and devotion. We just have a loving mother and a powerful father, both of which love and protect us and love us like their children. So like I asked what is it like being a Pagan, yes it is lonely...from other people, but wonderful from the Gods. Blessed Be
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• Philippines
14 Feb 07
Don't be sad. Im sure that your God and Goddess don't want to see you lonely. You must be happ because you know who you really are. Don't care for what others say or think. Just be yourself and be proud. God bless and welcome here.
• United States
14 Feb 07
I don't think being pagan means you have to be lonely. One of my best friends and her bf are pagan. She's a wonderful, outgoing person. I know for a fact she's not lonely or misunderstood. When I met her I knew nothing about her(I met her at work!). Everyone told me she was wierd! But in reality all of them were the weird stupid ones. If you don't know anything about pagan's beliefs and just judge someone then that person is very ignorant. I was the only one that really got to know her inside and out. After we worked together for weeks we started sharing things such as the music we listen to...I even got other employees to like her. I'm sorry but I think you just made this discussion up. In a way you are putting your religion down. I don't know where you are from but by saying that pagans are lonely is not true....Maybe your the lonely one...trying to justify it with your religion.