The best brownies you've ever made?

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February 13, 2007 6:51pm CST
Have you ever made some brownies that were just so awesome you couldnt stop eating them? once i had these brownies with chocolate chips in them from a museum and got the craving for them later. so i made my own. I never like the taste of brownies unless I make them now lol. have the best brownies you made been just regular ones or unique?
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14 Jun 08
I love brownies also. I heard about a recipe that you add cream cheese to the batter for like a cheese cake brownie...I haven't tried it yet but i will. My fav brownies are those that are just moist...they are great with a glass of cold milk.
@ryzach (1546)
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4 Feb 08
I used to buy brownie mix to make but lately my husband has been making them from scratch. Much less expensive and 10 times better than the box mix. They were not hard to make either, I know the box mix is probably easier but try from scratch sometime, you will be pleased.
@Lady_Vincy (1540)
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11 Jan 08
I make brownies at least once every three months and every time I mke them they come out graet. I love how rich and chocolaty they come out. Many people have eaten my brownies and say how great they are. There was even one time when I made brownies and while they were cooling my friends ate most of it and left me a little piece. It was ok though because later on they made me a cake. Besides my own brownies. The best brownie that I had was from DQ (Dairy Queen) in their sunday. It was so good.
@loved1 (5336)
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1 Mar 07
I always use the same brownie recipe and everyone loves them. It calls for a box of chocolate cake mix, a package of instant chocolate pudidng (with 2 c of milk) and 1 pkg of chocolate chips. Pour into a greased and floured jelly roll pan and bake at 325 for 30 minutes or so. Delicious!