How can I be sure from his love ?

February 13, 2007 7:09pm CST
I love someone , working with me in the same company, we meet together not near to each other twice weekly. I noticed at first that he watching me every time seeing me , but when talking to me , he talk to me normally like every one else .but his lookings to me , trying to meet me , standing near me , his way to touch and shaking hand to me every thing told me that he loves me but he didnot make any step . I donot know if i imagine that ! i really like him , i donot konow what can i do ?? what do you think ?????
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• Philippines
14 Feb 07
i don't think that you should assume that he's into you or that he likes you. i mean if he really really likes you what's stopping him?he has all the time in the world. and i don't believe that he's just shy and couldn't face you and because of that he can't take another step if i were you i'll just forget about him and move on.