Poker become his Dead !

@lubenx (173)
February 13, 2007 7:40pm CST
The young guy Christian 21 from Sweden commit suicid when he lost all his money on online poker. After the suicide it showed up that Christian lived a ''doubblelife''. His parents didn't know anything about he was playing poker, so for them it was a chock when they discoverd that he had a loan for allmost 50,000$. He told the bank that he should buy a car. After a few days of the suicide, Christians mother maked a phonecall to his work too telling them the bad news. Another chock! His mother says: - When I called his job too tell them that Christian was dead, they told me that he had'nt work there for months. I picked him up with my car at his workingspot many times. But everything was a lie. This is really horrible, dont you think ? There is a way out from the gambling. A tuff way, specially if you got big loans you have lost cause of gambling. - Suicide is never a solution of problems! - Rest In Peace Christian ! (F) Please Rate This Discussion.
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• Canada
19 Feb 07
i think ppl are too obsessed with money, i know we all need money, but gamblings everything you have on a internet game it a bit much, i never let myself get too obsessed with ne thing that i do, cuz killin myself is not in my lifes plan!
• United States
19 Feb 07
Gambling in any form taken in moderation is normal. It is when we become reclusive, obsessed and secretive is when there is a problem. I bet no one person ever called his BS when he lied about how much he was losing. If you ever hear a gambler say the are winning big they are lying. Every game is set to a certain long term house advantage. The more you play the greater the chance the odds will catch up to you. Poker on the other hand is a skills game based on odds and another matter comletely. Sorry kid.