He Shoots, She Misses

February 13, 2007 9:21pm CST
The act of dating has ostensibly become a sport. Much like TSN or ESPN we go to our events and the next day over lattes with our girlfriends or beers with the guys we give a play by play recap with added commentaries. Then immediately following is the Q & A session continued with the summary of scores; 5 hours for Virginia, 2 for Charlotte and a diminutive 15 minutes for Georgia. Poor Georgia gets a few sad looks and a soft squeeze on the shoulder accompanied with remarks about how it could have been the teams first play in a while. You then have the girls who didn't show up for cosmos at all due to her sporting event turning into a full weekend of festivities, of course she has called the score board to alert she is going into overtime. Then there's always the girl who didn't get to play at all, and in fact spent the entire event on the bench. There was no action in the fields, no screaming from the bleachers and no slow pitch. This girl may or may not end up at the gathering with her gals due to the fact she doesn't want to hear about everyone else's wins or she would prefer not to be patronized with the sad looks, soft squeeze and the remarks about how it had nothing to do with the stadium. Finally, the last girl who does seemingly better in score than the others, she starts the game with automatic touch downs, cruises throughout the night with endless goals, countless home runs and three pointers with a win and a much needed victory. Except she wasn't playing the game, the game played her. The next day she waks up only to realize that the other team mate she was scheduled to continue celebrating with gave her the wrong score card at the event and is left with nothing more than a pointless trophy to remember it by. No one wants to be that girl but even the highest scoring ends up at some point getting played by a team that has all the best strategies and game plans but never follows through. For some of us it happens more often than not. We have either been playing for to long or on the bench for to long, but then a marathon like that gives us sparks leading us to believe we are back in the game and we have a good chance at winning the championship; but we all get disqualified for getting out hopes up to fast.
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@nicolec (2673)
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14 Feb 07
I have to admit that was one of the best analogies i have ever read about dating. An analogy that men and women can appreciate. I think at some point in life we play each one of those roles. Traded from one team to another. Intersting........