saying "I Love You" to your loves

February 14, 2007 12:34am CST
did you ever say that phrase to your loves? No? "are you ashamed to say that?" "is it important?" "they know I love them, so why should I say that to them?" well, those words used to come from the persons that don't wish to express it to their loves.they always think their "loves" (spouse,boyfriend,girlfriend,kids,best friends) are belong to them totally. but i have a very different view about this. Love is not only to be shown but also should be expressed to. the best example is "kids". Every single day you show them 'A', 'B', 'C' letters, with hope they could learn to read fastly.but, you just show it up without explaining to them what the 'A','B','C' are.they do reconize it but they don't know what is it. the same thing hapen in just show them but never tell them. do you think they clear about it? The worst part is when you just act so mean towards on them.In this case you be a mad wife and never show it but in deep of your heart you do love them so you think they know the truth? well, i caurage to all of us to appreciate those persons that we love most. don't ever too late to do it. or else you'll regret for them for the rest of your life. as a human being, it's our nature to feel happy being loved by someone. So, "if u want to be loved, be lovable" for the last word, thank you so much for joining this topic and thanks again for sharing your opinion and review
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