do you like the people that you love?

February 14, 2007 6:44am CST
ok i know that this is a very strange and unusual question but seriously do you actually like or admire some one that you love. just take the example of your siblings or your parents. we always love these people no matter what even if they hurt us in some way we will still love them its like we have to love them but the thing is do we really like them character wise or we like any quality in them. In my case i dont like them i general but at the same time i love them alot and wouldnt be able to survive without them. So this is really crazy and i want the opinion of you people so do post your comments i will be rating them thanks!!!!!!!!!
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14 Feb 07
I perfectly understand you there!!! I love my sister, and I used to admire her so much that I'd do everything she did!! Now I've grown out of it, and I'm not sure whether I still admire her or not... I'm trying to lead my way into life by being the best person I can be, and I sure don't agree with a lot of the things she does... However, when it comes to your partnet, I believe that you should like/admire the person. My ex had the crappiest job I could ever think of; it was so boring and useless!!! I never took him seriously when he talked about it because it was just so bad, in my opinion. Although he kind of liked it, he's now going to get a new job, after being there for two years (see? I told you it was crap!) Now my new boyfriend is doing something that's extremely interesting, basically being "behind the camera". He helps coordinate all the people that are required to film a movie, a TV set... anything. I'm positively amazed by his job and I'm really proud of it for him, so I'm 100% sure it's necessary to admire the person you're with in some way or other, otherwise you just wouldn't love them quite the same way.
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14 Feb 07
hey thanks for understanding my question actually i also have the same situatuion as you did as i also have a sister and i was also used to do what ever she was doing and now she is married and we no longer live together so now i do realize that she was not always right and now i dont agree with her in alot of things so thanks again