Should there be some minimum 'word limit' for Comments & Discussions on myLot?

February 14, 2007 7:48am CST
Sample 1 : Title - Which is you favorite colour? Content - Which is our favorite colour? Sample 2 : Title - What is your age? Content - I am 20. How old are you? Sample 3 : Title - Which came first? Content - Egg or Chicken? Sample 4 : Title - Day or Night? Content - ? I hope, most of the members know, what I am tring to say. Very often, one finds such posts, and their number is increasing day by day on myLot. Its not only irritating to come across such posts, it also makes things difficult to find out readable discussions in between these stupid posts. Here are some of the replies, that I have come across : Sample 1 : Whhaaattt Sample 2 : Yes I agree with you. Sample 3 : No. Sample 4 : ? Again, useless to say, such replies can not help any discussion in any way. So, what can be a way out of this? I was thinking about this issue, and one thought came in my mind. I would like to share it with all of you. Here is what can be done to avoid such posts to be included or accepted : * A minimum word limit of around 25-30 words can be made compulsory for a discussion or a reply. An auto message should appear, if any one tries to submit any discussion or reply, which falls short of this word limit. * For someone tring to play tricks like repeating the same question again and again to get those word limit( for example - What is your age? What is your age? What is your..... or any such nonsense), there should be clear mention in the guidelines, that this will be treated as spamming, and such discussions will be deleated. * An alert should be send to all the members to make everyone aware of such a change in guidelines. What it would do, is that user will not be able to submit stupid posts, or replies, at the first place, and it would be easy for myLot to deal with junk posters or spammers, as no one will be able to submit a discussion or a reply, till he gets that minimum set word limit. We can expect that someone who makes a comment of around 25-30 words, will have to say something in it, and he will gradually realise that he can not get away by posting junk. At present, this is just a thought at its raw state, and it sure can be improved by your valuable inputs and suggestions. So, I would request all the concerend members, to share there views , on how do they see this idea. Hopefully, we can think together, and discuss this issue here, and if something substantial comes out this deiscussion, we can ask myLot, to take it into consideration. So, please have your say on this issue. Thank you.