Why I don't believe mylot is closing.

@manong05 (5029)
February 14, 2007 8:47am CST
I've read several postings in this past couple of days of people's apprehensions that mylot is closing soon because of over population resulting to decrease in people's earnings, site becoming more and more less attractive and worthwhile because of proliferation and unabated influx of inane discussions making the site not interesting anymore. Overpopulation: I can not picture mylot admin being caught unprepared for this problem and are in panic trying to remedy the situation. Part of any business is the study of all possibilities and scenarios that may happen in the future. I doubt if they didn't consider this beforehand and have prepared for it. If indeed this has became a real problem, they can always hold entry of new users in abeyance until further notice and maintain the level which they are capable of handling. This is better than cutting people's earnings which will ultimately result to negative image of the site. Proliferation of inane discussions and postings violating the rules: I don't think this is a real problem since the posters of these violations will soon discover the futility of these actions and will soon give up. What's the use of continuing if they don't earn. I doubt if they will go on just for the sake of enjoying discussions. They obviously don't enjoy. I personally believe that mylot is here to stay.These are only my personal thoughts and I stand to be corrected.
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• Pakistan
14 Feb 07
That is a really nice topic you have selected for a discussion. Yes, I am totaly agree with you because the more member mylot have, the higher will be their earnings. So, we should not worry about how we will get pay.
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• Ireland
14 Feb 07
I don't believe myLot will close. They are still giving us advice on how to get more referrals and I am sure they would put up a post to inform us if they didn't want any more members. The site is improving on a daily basis and mylot are doing a great job of it. I also notice that a lot of the inane discussions are being deleted pretty quickly by mylot admin so I don't think we need worry ourselves uneccessarily. Great topic.
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@Zo0mZo0m (1357)
• United States
14 Feb 07
I am new here and I haven't read this before. I will stay tune to see what others have to say regarding this discussion.