How i came to support Washington Wizards!

@rovelle (178)
February 14, 2007 8:49am CST
I started to support WW when Michael Jordan was playing for WW. He truly inspired me with his breath-taking plays despite the increasing odds(old age) against him. It really doesnt help that his team-mate was just standing around, awe strucked by him. Lol. One of his finest wizard moment was when he blocked and literally took away the ball from the opponent while they were on a fast break.(cant rem who that sucker was :) ) even after he left WW, i still check out WW games every now and then. I'm still proud of them as this current batch of players are really good. (butler, antawn, arenas) The big three!! but arenas seems to talk too much What about you guys(the prestiged 9 out of 70,000 people who put WW as their favourite club)? How did you came to love this ball club?
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@marvz023 (189)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
same here... during the MJ era of the wizards, thats when i want to see the wizards game. but everytime i see this team play during jordan's wizards time, his teammates were just a disappointment. only hamilton was wizards who can play ball next to mike but the rest really were a frustration. i kinda understand why MJ is talking negative thoughts about his teammates. sad thing is, not only his teammates but the late abe pollin also frustrated jordan. after what he has done to the wiz, he didnt gave michael a chance. no wonder he stormed out of washington afterwards. then came arenas and crew... i wonder if they played one season together, this wizards team would be one hell of a ballclub. i am happy for michael being the man in charlotte and im sad to hear the recent events on the wizards especially now that they are in a major losing streak and the major chemistry shakeup that was sparked by arenas and crittenton. having rookies playing for this wiz team really hurts. kinda like this team in the future though
• Columbus, Ohio
12 Jul 07
Michael Jordan is also what solidified my fandom. I always watched the Wizards, and previously the Bullets, because they were the local team. The fact is tohugh, they were terrible to watch. Having Jordan on the team finally made them interesting. Since he left, they have still kept the product strong, and have kept my interest. Growing up I was a huge MJ fan. Many people griped that he was tarnishing his image. I was just glad I got one more chance to see him as I felt he cut his career far too short. Imagine just how more special his career could have been if he never left to play baseball. I really think he could have matched the Celtics 9 continuous championships.