While watching FOX NEWS Channel every day .... what about the war?

February 14, 2007 10:12am CST
Not that I am easy on things, not at all....and dont even think that I am one-sided and really watch FOX exclusively but it really HURTS me to see how the left of the world, yes right....the LEFT of the entire world just won't get it that "running" away from Iraq at this time is more disastrous than anything we can imagine. Have we not learned anything from the past? I mean, is it only the "right" and "proper" war if France or Germany....the "old" Europe is fighting it? Are we not way to short-sighted and impatient with the efforts of the current US Administration? Who in his "right mind" can even FATHOM that the Bush administration wanted the war so badly that they "doctored" intelligence and -as some left loonies in the USA proclaim- initiated 911 themselves, taking out 3000 lifes to be able to start a war against Iraq? And what about that old story about the OIL? How long will it take the rest of the world to understand, that if it was all for the Iraqi oil, the Bush administration more or less got NOTHING out of this war at all? Should the oil price not have been lower if it was all for the "free oil" shipping daily now from Iraq? Some wish, that at least it WERE so. I am reading News and papers all around the world and find people trusting Bin Laden or the looney Ajmadine Jad from Iran MORE more than the President of the United States. Ja even Saddam Hussein had the passion on his side. And everybody wants the Terrorists in Guantanamo freed, so as if they were all the average Joe from the other block around the corner, but....not even their home-countries wants them, why is that? Where is this blind hatred and love for terrorists coming from? ---- I hope that some of you can enlighten me here. Wish it were so. Letty
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