@BlackBay (584)
February 14, 2007 10:33am CST
What's your biggest Pet-Peeve about people or society? Mine is when people can't show some common curtiosy to another person.
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
22 Feb 07
I have all to many pet peeves when it comes to people in society.. Or society in general.. There are to many things going on in this world that just make me shake my head each & every day.. I think some of the pet peeves that I am about to list can honestly be fixed if people would just allow themselves to change in general. But as you know a lot of people in this world aren't willing to do so.. Sadly I think we all are like this.. Anyways.. Some of my pet peeves would have to be as follows: - Incredibly shallow people.. People who just aren't willing to get to know people for who they are.. When they see that someone is disabled, or someone is to fat in there minds, or someone just doesn't look appealing, or whatever reason it may be.. And they just won't want to get to know them because of how they may look on the outside or because they are in a wheel chair or even have autism.. I think more people need to learn to look at what is on the inside instead of just basing everything on something as superficial like how someone may look on the outside. This has to one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to people in society. - When you are talking to someone about something.. And someone is over-listening & they decide to bud in to your conversation out of no where that you are having with someone.. I find that just is a lack of manners.. - Anyone who tries to push there religion upon me. Just because I may not believe in something in particular does not make me any less of a person. But I find people who try to get me to believe in the religion they may believe in.. Tend to think this way. Will think that I am just this horrible person to get to know because I don't believe what they do.. I find that quite sad that people act in this manner quite honestly. Some people just aren't dedicated to religion like others are.. I don't think that should be such a horrible thing. - When you are at a grocery store or getting your hair done.. And one of the employees begin to talk to the other in a foreign language.. I think that when they do this they are always talking about me. I have nothing wrong with people who are of different race, or speak a different language.. I just think it's rude to do it when you are serving a customer.. I believe you shouldn't be doing this to someone when they are a paying customer. - When you are out shopping at a mall or even a grocery store.. And someone ends up knocking in to you or falling in to you.. Or whatever it may be.. And they just laugh & walk away or they just walk away without apologizing.. I think you should be willing to at least show some manners & apologize.. This really upsets me terribly honestly as I've had it done to me on several occasions. - When I am waiting to be served at a restaurant or even at a grocery store.. And there is no one to be found. Or they are paying to much attention to another table or another customer & just end up ignoring you.. Our time is just as valuable as there's.. If only they'd realize. - When people don't cover their mouths when coughing.. I know a sibling of mine does this & each time she does the next day or a few days after I will be sick with what she had.. I think that's just down right rude.. Especially when some stranger coughs in to your food or just coughs in your direction when you are eating or whatever it may be that you are doing. - When people lie directly in my face.. Honesty is the best policy.. And I believe instead of lying to the people whom you love these people should learn to be more honest.. Especially if they love this person.. Lies just end up catching up to you so why not be more honest right from the get go? - When you are in line at a store or when your getting your nails or hair done or whatever it is that you are doing.. And the employee ends up talking to another employee & ends up completely ignoring you. I find it rude when your just standing there & all the person does is just ignore you even when you want to know the amount you owe them at the till. Bad customer service if you ask me? - Favoritism. When a parent favors the other sibling more. Ends up talking about how great the other sibling is, without even taking in to consideration how the other daughter or son may feel. Instead of just concentrating on one of your children I believe pointing out the good things that they both do is important.. Instead of favoring one & ignoring the other.. The kid will end up hating you or resenting you for the rest of your life due to this type of behavior. - People who think everything in life is one big joke.. They never take anything seriously.. Your never able to have an intellectual conversation with them or serious one at that because they can't learn to be serious for one minute out of there daily lives. - When people come in to your home.. Whether it be a parent or relative & all they do is criticize how your home looks.. Or how you should put things differently.. Or have things differently.. Almost like they don't respect you as a person & are just willing to criticize everything you stand for or have done to your place.. I think company should never do something as sick as this in my opinion. In conclusion.. I have all to many pet peeves when it comes to people in society or society in general.. It would take me forever or days on end to list them all.. I think some of the things I had listed can be prevented or some of these people who act in this manner.. Can change there behavior if they really wanted to.. And could make the world a much better place to live in if they would just try to change or better themselves! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
@k1tten (2320)
• United States
14 Feb 07
When people know you're waiting in line and just stand there after they're finished.
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