How to make people sign up in Mylot

October 13, 2006 5:08am CST
hi everyone. This topic will be the only one here recovering the issue. First thing you hav eto know is that you do not need website. only email address and follow up the steps. As all or some of you know, the intrenet become a source for making money, you can say it became a making money machine, but if this machine is bad used, of course you will get nothing, otherwise aill wast time, energy and surely you will giv eup everything .. How to find peole? Th einternet is the only place where millions of people come and spend time, it is the safe place as people called it, the recent statistics showed gthat there are a nombre of 888 millions persons using tthe internet, and a nombre of 400 millions of the total buy online :) Surprising right? yes most of people are on the internet for different goals, as we are here to make money :) making money is not that easy way, it seems like that but with no effort and no knowledge and no investment wont reach anything. Let's back to our subject, how to make people sign up in Mylot. to be frank this is my first time I came across this website, and this is the first time I know they pay us to write :) very exciting things and sure are more websites doing same. How I get people? this is the first question to ask yourself, how to get people? or where to find people? As mentioned above people are on the internet but you cna not see that, can not feel them even they are many connected also to the network, here where to find them : penPal websites, match making websites, mIRC, icq, Forums.. these places are full of people. now how to make them sign up here, and bring some traffic to the MyLOT and also get paid :) all are sharing profit :) First thing to do, is to open a new email on Gmail and should not be your personal email, only for the promotion(advertyising the Mylot), after that you check the option in your account and activate the auto responder available in Gmail. put a small text with your referral URL, for ex: get paid to write and discuss your URL here. now the system is reday to respond to senders :) go to google and look for forums, subscribe and during your subscription put the referral URl in your profile but be careful here you have to put the URL Text so that can be clickable(this method make people click instead of type the URK manually, and you will not get any referral amount :) in your signature put a sentence like: Get paid to discuss. put it in CAPS so can be read and in red to be catched. Go google and check for free articles website (can find in my website below) subscribe and post an article about MyLot and put the referral URL in the signature, can also post other arfticles about anything else with your URL in the signature. Go look for penpal subscribe only in the free penpal, the website does not requierd registration to searcjh profile and only those penpal showing the email address. when people send you email they will get auto response from your account (Use the same name like your Gmail account) above are some tips and technics and we will see more further good luck
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23 Oct 06
Thanks pal. you've given good idea.