Valentines Day,Christmas, etc Do you enjoy the day for what it is

United States
February 14, 2007 11:49am CST
Is it a burden to you to celebrate Valentines Day Christmas & other holidays? Some think that the days of giving are just for the merchants trying to get by but who are those merchants? People like you and I trying to make a living? I enjoy the day and the giving and the occasion of it also.Who invented Valentines Day? When was it first celebrated? Did they have stores back then and was it a big scam to get people to spend money. Was it a day to celebrate love and caring? Does everryone think one way or the other or is it a special time to show love? Who really knows the answer? I would like to know. To me it is a special day but nothing earth shattering that I could not live without. My child was born on Valentines Day so to me it is an important day to me one of my most important but even if she was born on the 19 th that would be my most important day of my life. Anyway HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all who like it and have a wonderful day each day to all others.
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