Stupid question...

@zugedanit (1958)
February 14, 2007 11:52am CST
This may be a really stupid question, but I have a family friend who recently bought a 6yr old Compaq computer running Windows98. Her father is currently updating it to be windows2000 but once she found out I still had my windows xp restore/install discs she asked if I could update her to windows xp. I just want to know though - is this legal? Or will I be chased down by guys in black jackets and charged? (lol worse case scenario). I just want to know if it's okay sharing the discs with a friend or not?
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14 Feb 07
I cant say that it is right to share the same copy. but if you choose to do so that is your right.. it may not work because if you are using your pc online and registeres your version of windows.. when they install it it will not be able to be used.. also a computer from 6 years ago with windows 98 may not be able to support the xp version.. space wise. unless they are udating the whole system . hope this helps you out