Think God really exists ??

February 14, 2007 12:35pm CST
Think God really exists , or its just our imagination ? I think that God was made up by people who could not make people to stop breaking the law , so they invented that after death you will be judged by God, and i think that really stopped many criminals. Think I am right ? if not please tell me your opinion .. i`d really like to know !
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• United States
14 Feb 07
Yes, i believe God exists. I believe when you die you will be judged by how you lived your life. you have free will and so you chose what you did in life. if you were good and followed his laws, then you will go to heaven. if you broke his laws like killing and so on, then it is hell for you. and sorry but i believe that you will go to hell because you do not believe. that is what i was taught and wha i believe. it is sad to because i know people my age who do not believe simply because they follow the world of science, which hurts one of my friends, because he is a pastor's son and his best friend doesnt believe in God or religion, and he fears for his friends eternal soul. i dont think Catholisism is made up or fake. i know God is real.
• India
14 Feb 07
Well that's one way of saying it but to my mind this doesn't sum it all. First You have to ask whether one follows any kind of religion. Because religion is faith and Faith is THE BELEIEF . The belief automatically underlines the presence of a Supreme Being to which we mortals have given a lot of names ,GOD being one of them . So the answer to your question lies not in the metaphysics but in the pure physical aspect which also has a spiritual dimension. So in a nutshell one can safely say that HE is basically a guideline to precise one's life.