Deleting windows swap file

@zugedanit (1958)
February 14, 2007 2:32pm CST
I've got my hard drive partitioned into 9 logical partitions with Windows XP Pro installed on drive K:. My system has swap files (pagefile.sys) on both drive C: and drive K:. Both are nearly the same size (but not identical) at just over 800MB. I know, I know, Windows XP help states "Don't place multiple pagefiles on different partitions on the same physical disk drive." This is somewhat ironic advice as I assume Windows XP created both of these during its install process. To follow the help file advice, though, I thought I'd eliminate the pagefile.sys on drive K: and increase the assigned space on Drive C:. When I open "Computer Management", highlight "Computer Management (Local), right click on properties, and click the "Advanced" tab I get a dialog box specifying "Can't access virtual memory information." I click "OK" to close the dialog box but the "Change" button under the "Virtual Memory" section is then grayed out. At this point, I don't know what to do next. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks
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