which relationship u think is the best

February 14, 2007 3:50pm CST
well this is something i hav always kept thinking,,,,,,,,,, whom do i love the most,,,,,,,, out of my family,,,,,,,, which relation is the most important to me and which is the best,,,,,, and i can never come up with a long lasting answer,,,,,,, but now somehow i feel,,,,,,, its frndship thats the best relation as blood relations are the one we got widout our will,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but frnds we choose ourself !!!!!!!!! wat do u say,,,,,, whuch realtion u think is the best ???????
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• India
14 Feb 07
In India, Mother and son relationship is the best and for me this is important. In India, mother takes care her son from the childhood. She will be very supportive to his son in all times. She gives lot of confidence. Next to them is friends because we are sharing everything with the friends only. As a son, he can't say everything to his mother. But he can share such thing with his friends.
• Philippines
14 Feb 07
Each person is a different individual. Because of these differences, you treat each person differently. You treat each friend differently and you treat each member of your family differently. You can't label a person as being the best, neither can you label your friends or family being better than the other. Friends are there. You may or may not be able to rely on them. As for your family, well, they are the people you run to when you have nobody else to run to, including your friends. The point is, your family has been there with you longer than your friends have. If you wish to prioritize your time, then I suggest you orient towards your family.