Do you easily forgive a very close friend who betrayed you?

February 14, 2007 4:49pm CST
It's always tough to forgive a friend who betrays you especially if you have given that person your full trust. Based on experience, it took me almost a year and a half to forgive that person. Though she had already asked for an apology, but still, it won't change anything. Damage has been done and trust has been broken. Sometimes, the pain would really stick even in the very core of your soul that you won't even know how to take that pain away. It would stick on your mind that even if you go away with it, it would always remind you and makes you feel mad again. Well, i'm just glad we're back as friends again. But our friendship has not been the same as we had before. There are gaps now. It's never been easy to trust again.
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• United States
15 Feb 07
I had a friend like this. One day I just realized I couldn't live with her as my friend anymore and I ended the friendship. We made up a year later, but things weren't the same. After about eighteen months, we had another falling out and didn't speak for about two years. Then she contacted me and I gave her one more shot. About 8 months later I realized I had changed so much in the time we weren't friends there was just no sense being friends anymore, and I ended. Sometimes I sort of miss her, but I know we aren't friends anymore and we never will be. It was something we were when we were younger.
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
In my past experiences, when my friend betrayed me, i wasnt able to forgive them right away. I was able to forgive them when i was already ready to be open - minded, when i'm ready to also look why they were able to do that. Because if you're just forgive you're friend even if you're still not ready then there might come a time wherein you two would hurt each other because all of the emotions hasn't got out yet.