February 14, 2007 6:12pm CST
Why is USA regarded as a land of opportunitites. Are there slums in USA like those in Kenya?
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@albert2412 (1782)
• United States
15 Feb 07
The USA is not a land of opportunity for everyone. We have many, many people over here who are desperately poor. We have many people who live on the street and many others who live from paycheck to paycheck. I also struggle to pay the bills. Most of us over here do not own oilwells or drive fancy cars.
• Kenya
15 Feb 07
Thank you for your sincere response to my querry. Our best writters have written many books telling the rest of us that it is not all smooth in USA but all young people just dream being in America I pray your Message reaches many people. Well to be doing well does not mean to own Oil wells but basically every body should be beyond Basic needs in Maslows hierachy of needs.
@Macthedj (630)
15 Feb 07
I dont know about the slums because I come from the UK but with regards to the oppertunities it is because there are so many walks of life. America has become what it is today because of the oppertunities it has allowed for its own people and people from other countries. Just look what it did for the Irish. New York is an Irish mans home from home because of the oppertunities such as land and jobs.