February 14: Valentines Day

United States
February 14, 2007 6:58pm CST
valentines day was a very depressing one for me. it wasn't completely the fact that im single either. after my pop quiz i forgot about, in gym i had to play basketball. im terrible at basketball. that wasnt the least of my worries either. my gym lock wouldn't work right. after minutes of trying to get it open i had to resort to a teacher breaking it open with a clipper. which i find the combo in my pants pocket and realise the combo was wrong. but its valentines day. usually i sometimes see two couples kissing, but what makes me mad is when they hold hands walking slowly blocking everyone else from getting to their destination. usually it happens maybe once every other day, but today everywhere i went i saw a couple kissing everywhere i went. even people that werent in a relationship gave out valentines cards. i recieved none. i dont no about you, but it gets annoying watching exchange after exchange withouth getting one yourself.
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• United States
15 Feb 07
Wow that sucks for you. I had an identical experience a few days ago. I know how you feel but whatever. there's always next valentine's day. this is probably the dumbest holiday ever. i hate it.