Restrictions on Boyfriends and Guys Night?

United States
February 14, 2007 7:21pm CST
Ok, so heres the situation... I have a mixed group of friend. The guys are friends, the girlfriends are friends. I give my boyfriend pretty much free-reign for guys night: strip clubs, bars, whatever (within reason... hes never takena dvantage of it). I trust him completely, and love his friends and want him to spend time with them. However, one girl in particular, does not let her boyfriend go anywhere, EVER, without her. Haven't seen them apart in 4 years. Not once. Its beyond annoying, and frankly, that doesn't classify as guys night because my boyfriend hates her. So, if she is there, then I have an opinion on his activities... unfair, huh? Anyway, what do you think and what is your relationship like in this regard?
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@Stringbean (1273)
• United States
15 Feb 07
What do you mean, she does not "let" him go anywhere. That sounds kind of ridiculous. She may not "want" him to go, but she does not have power to stop him if he wishes to go. In the same way, you may think that you are giving your boy friend free reign, but you don't have any control over him as long as the two of you are not committed to each other by an engagement or marriage. Men do not own their girlfriends and women do not own their boyfriends. If either of them would like a little more say in what their partners do, they should make a more binding commitment.
@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
15 Feb 07
There are so many girl that act like that. I think that girls that don,t let their boyfriend go somewhere without them don,t have any trust in their man. I use to be a little bit like that with my ex. I didnt want him to have fun without me. Now that with my actual boyfriend I let him have a lot of guy night because I also know that he spend a lot of time with me. And I have a girl night out a least once a week. We have to be seperate sometimes
@lonewolfnan (4367)
• Canada
15 Feb 07
It is great that you and your boyfriend trust each other and can talk openly.While it is a shame that the other couple MAY not have the same faith in each other,please note that they have been together now for 4 years so it seems to be working for them. I do agree that a guy's night (or a girl's night) out is good for all involved.