How serious are people towards saving water???

Saving Water - Each drop saved is each drop unutilised !!!
@sadanand (191)
February 14, 2007 7:55pm CST
Water is the largest natural source on planet earth.Our Earth is surrounded by water. We have five oceans on Earth. Though water is abundant on Earth, we still face problems because of scarcity of it. We still have water crisis rampant in major parts of the world.People resort to agitations due to scarcity of it.Inspite of scarcity of water, do people realise the importance of saving water?How serious are people towards saving water???
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@manong05 (5029)
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
Personally I conserve water the best way I could but I feel that, by and large, people are not that concerned. Too much water is wasted in using water hoses to clean cars and other day to day chores using water. The sad thing is even the government doesn't have a strong political will to help the citizenry in water conservation. There are some programs coming up once in a while but mostly are flashes in the pan. They easily die down after a few days. This is a real concern and people should be aware of this and take actions.
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@sadanand (191)
• India
15 Feb 07
I do agree with you about the Government's apathy towards Water Conservation Programmes. They are indeed flashes in the pan. Water conservation should be given top priority. People tend to react only when confronted with an emergency but they do not realise the seriousness of saving water. It is high time that we should make people aware that prevention is better than cure !!!!!