how do you celebrate valentines day in a long distance relationship?

February 14, 2007 8:49pm CST
my present relationship is 16hrs away from me.everytime we celebrate our monthsary, we do imaginary dates, like we go to separate restaurants. my partner goes on a thai restaurant at their area and i go to a japanese resto at my area. we only feel each other's presence using our cellphones. sometimes we joke each other and say "your date just stood you up, can i invite you for a dinner? on valentines day, we decided to have a dinner date at home...using our webcams. i know that's desperate...but that's what you call love.
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@Opteron (1845)
• Italy
15 Feb 07
I'm living a short distance relationship but I can understand you. My girlfriend is at 30 minutes of distance for me...but I always must go to her. And very often in my town there is fog that you can't see I can't drive my car and go to her and she is so thirsty! We are using often msn and videochats...but she doesn't have a webcam....I must gift her a webcam next time! We must still celebrate our S. Valentine's Day because she was ill and in her bed. She was so bad that she asked me to not going there because she was not cute in that situation :-( Now she feels better...maybe we will go out this saturday to celebrate S.Valentine! Today she asked me to pay her dinner...because last time she paid my drink. For that drink she paid only 1.60 euro! And now she is pretending a dinner from me! I have not a work and I already spent too much money because I bought for her 3 gifts...a bag, a trousse and a bracelet! I hope we will not quarrel! This was the first S.Valentine I have a girl!
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
@zenmachado (1619)
• United States
19 Jan 08
I think it can be by way of the phone, video conference, sending eValentines, or best of all plan to meet on that day.. save your cash and reserve the day...
@fracktion (154)
• Philippines
21 Oct 07
Its a good thing that you do celebrate valentines even if you are apart. Communication is key and its better than just ignoring the day and treat it as normal. I had LDR before and we do celebrate valentines by extending our talk time together. That may be simple but it can mean a lot to your partner. TElling him/her how much you love her and how better it would be if he/she is with you is heaven... and its important... happy valentines... everyday
• Philippines
27 May 07
awww i know how it feels im also 3 years away from my hubby...thanks to the advancement of technology now therz internet and celphones and brings us closer to our loved ones...yeah but sometimes i wish to hold him near and give him a tight hug..i miss my hubby so feelin ya sistahh..Godbless...laterr
@myahw20 (1116)
• Canada
19 Mar 07
same here, i have a long distance relationship and we had our valentine's date online, thank God for webcams and high speed internet.'s quite fun..he sang for me and played the guitar.:)i do miss him a lot
• Romania
21 Feb 07
i'm in a long distance relationship too and i can't say it's easy and yes we talk all day on Skype and on webcams but there is still room for improvement. As long as you are honest with each other and really in love it will probably work out. For valentines day... we sent cards to eachother... bought her flowers (from an online shop). And hey..nothing to be ashamed of if you both enjoy it doing it :)