Is Caffeien Bad To Your Health??

@xabimaru (340)
February 14, 2007 9:24pm CST
There a lot of our food contains caffeine as the ingredient such as soft drinks and coffea but do caffeine really can cause you your health?? I think most of us like coffee and soft drink very much huh? Every fast food restaurant like McD serve soft drinks in their meal, in fact soft drink cost cheaper than if you take other drinks right?? More over with all the outlets/shops selling coffee, no wonder we can be addicted to buy coffee not only in the morning but also in every meal! Once i been suffered from migraine and my doctor advice me to avoid taking anything which contain caffeine as it could add the pain to migraine but to this method really works?? Maybe we can share our opinion about the all the drinks/food which contain caffeine. How you enjoy the drinks very much and do it really can cause bad to our health??
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@sripriya (450)
• United States
15 Feb 07
Caffeine is a adictive substance and can cause restlessness.Caffeine also aggravates heart problems and nervous disorders.It can be the cause of insomia.There is no nutritional requirement in caffeine.It has certain benefits too.It increases metabolism which help in weight loss.It can also stabilise blood sugar levels.Caffeine also helps to control parkinson's disease.Asthma and headaches can also be treated with caffeine.So you can say that caffeine is harmful as well as beneficial to your health.
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@xabimaru (340)
• Malaysia
15 Feb 07
So in other way you are saying that can make someone be slimmer?? We can say that caffeien will give more positive or negative impact?