anyone want to share tips about blogging?

February 14, 2007 11:56pm CST
i want to start my own blog, i just hope someone can give some tips about blogging. since i'm a beginner, just provide the ones a novice can handle easily. thanks in advance.
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• Australia
17 Feb 07
I agree with john_essex, it'll be easier and more constructive if you shared what you're thinking of blogging about and for what reason. Personally though, most of the blogs I prefer reading are those that are very well-written and where the author/blogger isn't afraid of expressing what he really thinks and defend it really well. As opposed to others who simply say, "I hate the government" or "I hated this movie" without even providing any insights. It doesn't always have to be serious though, because a little humor is always good, in my opinion. I think the acronym KISS applies to blogging too -- Keep It Simple Stupid. With regards to the language, the manner you write it and the layout. If you can say what you want in one paragraph instead of three, then do that. I think you'll attract more readers that way because you're not wasting their time by going around the bush or trying to impress them with words. And while it's a great idea to have a really impressive layout, don't go overboard and let the content speak for itself. Lastly, update it often! I'm not sure if this helps at all because it's pretty vague, but I hope it does somehow. Good luck! :)
16 Feb 07
I think it really depends on what you want from your blog. People blog for many different reasons, some blog for fame, some for fortune and some for fun. Let us know why you are blogging and what you want from it and then it will be easier to give you some tips.