my youngest "son", Casper Eugene

Casper Eugene - Meet Casper Eugene. He is intelligent, naughty, haughty and poses like a little king!
@paulsy (1264)
February 15, 2007 1:26am CST
Casper Eugene is a cross between the daschund and the Japanese spitz. His hair is as white as a snowball, and he looks just like a lamb. He was born on the 7th of July last 2006. Being the youngest member of the family, Casper is a smart, spoiled-rotten puppy. He almost thinks he's human. He cuddles and plays roudy with all the kids, and gets a taste of whatever goodies all the kids are enjoying. At bedtime, he gets on the bed, sleeps on his back (with his hind legs wide apart), right next to my 3 year old baby. And when he's not comfortable enough, he transfers right beside Daddy and shares the pillow with him. Yes, he also gets the scolding whenever he pesters the baby. Well, she pesters him, and he pesters her. The baby ends up crying and he gets the scolding...not fair huh? His name used to be just "Casper". But when he began to receive scoldings from Daddy, his name became "Casper Eugene!" We all love this pet soo much. He gets hugged and kissed by just about every member of the family. Check out his pic and tell me what you all think about it!
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