What advertising companies are best for monetizing your website

United States
February 15, 2007 2:34am CST
I've literally spent a MONTH of free time outside my part time job to go through lots of blogs and forums to find legit things that pay...judging by payment proofs and lots of people saying something worked or didn't work (this is how I found myLot). I want to monetize the site through advertising but Google Adsense ads, when they are related to money, seem very scammy to me! Being as that I am presenting myself as a legitimate, honest site which is offering up my research to fill a great need that many of us websurfers have to find a way to make money online without wasting time or getting hurt(myself included), I don't think I should have scammy ads on my site regardless if I make money off the clicks... #1, I want people to not be harmed but be helped by my project #2, Why should I feel happy about receiving funds from people's clicks on info for bad programs? I don't care so much if my participating in revenue sharing sites has people clicking on stuff they shouldn't because that is their choice and I didn't do anything to cause it, but my site is about money so of course it is going to bring up junk programs. I AM aware of some other advertising venues because of my research. If you advertise on your blog or website, what can you recommend that has higher quality ads?
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