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@zugedanit (1958)
February 15, 2007 3:16am CST
I have a question about IP addresses and PC Internet Connection Cards. I have tried to search through past posts but haven't been able to find what I want. I rarely come to this section so my knowledge about computers is very limited. Is an IP Address the address that is given to a stationary internet provider? What I mean by stationary is that I receive my access through a PC Connection Card that is provided by my cellular phone company. Since we travel all over the US, I need this to access the internet and depending upon where I am in the US, some areas have a very fast connection while other areas a very slow one (worst than dial-up sometimes). What brought this question up is that yesterday, while voting in Sue's polls about nationalities and age/gender, I could see the results immediately after I voted, but later in the day when I was apparently in another area of the state, I logged on to my computer again and couldn't see the results anymore. I was told that the system allows one voter per IP address. This morning when I logged in the results were not visible again. Does my IP address change each time I log on because I'm in a different location? And does anybody else use a pc card here at FT for internet connections?
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@SignMe (1031)
• India
15 Feb 07
The concept of IP adress is to uniquely identify each devices, so that it will be convenient to connect them in a network. I dont use PC. But, I think in your case, the provider must be having a pool of ID's, may be some 1000's. So depending on the availabiliy he will give you one whenever you connect.