how would you tell your bf that he has bad breath?

February 15, 2007 4:17am CST
it's really hard to tell it to the one that you love right?even if it's a constructive criticism it might really feel weird after telling that to your partner. i actually don't mind at first but it's kinda hard to concentrate on the kissing if your partner has badbreath right? how do you think i would tell him nicely?
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@missytia (387)
• Australia
15 Feb 07
I know what you're saying. My ex boyfriend used to have really bad 'bong breath'. It was disgusting, doubled with the fact that he didn't brush that often. I just used to be honest and say "honey, I think you need to go and brush your teeth". It is a horrible thing to have to tell someone, but they would prefer they heard it from you than from someone else and get really embarrassed.
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