how to handle your teenager

@geeta151 (312)
February 15, 2007 5:57am CST
i sometimes wonder how my mom must have felt when i was a in my teens.i wonder how i am going to handle my teenager,only at 12 she is so very unmanageable.suggest some tips in handling her.
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@rhinoboy (2129)
15 Feb 07
I can't really share any experience, as I have about 11.5 years to go until I'm where you are! In my extended family there were a few girls who went completely off the rails. They seemed to want to be treat as a grown-up but weren't mature enough to act like one. I would advise you to find an opportunity when she will listen to you seriously. Sit with her and explain that you will be happy to treat her as grown up as she acts. Explain that she is going through lots of changes (not just puberty) that will continue for many years, and the more responsible she is, the better it will be for her as well as you.
@lullabell (436)
• United States
15 Feb 07
Well i would be glad to. I have a 14 yr old girl who i am very proud of. I am proud of who she is as a person and how she has come through so many of the changes we have undergone as a family. She is a high honor student and has great outlooks for her own future. Please be specific as to the problems you are facing and i will be glad to respond accordingly.